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These mixed media works on paper are abstract interpretations of landscapes, based on a series of on-location drawings done over the last 10 years. Pastels, watercolor, airbrush and charcoal are the predominant media.

I think of these works as a "parallel continuation" growing in a new direction out of my previous successful series of acrylic abstract paintings.

The warm or cool palette reflects my firsthand experience not just of landscape, but also of atmosphere. With erasure, sometimes the relationship between the two is blurred. Using color and multiple viewpoints within a syntax of spatial division, I seek to communicate a sense of spiritual order and a satisfying sense of calm.

Explore my process. An example of an on-location drawing and its transformations are shown to deepen the viewer's understanding of how these works evolved.

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Beach Fugue









Driftwood Fugue Warm

Driftwood Fugue Cool





Rock Planes

Rock Planes Fugue Warms

Rock Planes Fugue Cool



Tide Pools

Tide Pools Fugue Warm 

Tide Pools Fugue Cool 

Tide Pools Fugue Night 


Mt. Ranier in Summer

Mountain Slope 

Wind Blowing

Wind on Water

Mesa in Sunlight





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