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These small, abstract, mixed media works are contemplations on the hexagrams of the ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching, or Book of Changes. They are not meant to be graphic interpretations of the hexagrams, but rather, I use the readings of the oracle as take-off points for my imagination. And do the same rules of chance apply to the throw of the sticks or coins and the making of some of the marks on the paintings?

The drawn forms refer to landscape, the mysterious shapes of doorways of cliff dwellings in the American southwest, and aerial views of the ruins. The geometric shapes are pointers to astronomical bodies, navigational devices or abstract descriptions of mythic events. The collages are constructed from silk screened papers and watercolor fragments, sometimes with foil, metallic markers, graphite, oil pastel, colored pencil or other materials. The paintings are in oil and wax on paper.

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Hexagram 32. Hêng
That Which Always Is

Hexagram 4. Mêng
Youthful Folly

Hexagram 26. Ta Ch'u
The Taming Power of the Great


Hexagram 35. Chin

Hexagram 59. Huan

Hexagram 16. Yü

Hexagram 29. K'an
Plunging In (Going with the Flow)





Hexagram 40. Hsieh

Hexagram 62. Hsiao Kuo
Preponderance of the Small

Hexagram 1. Ch'ien
The Creative

Hexagram 56. Lu
The Wanderer


Hexagram 5. Hsu

Hexagram 21. Shih Ho
Biting Through

Hexagram 63. Chi Chi
After Completion

Hexagram 55. Fêng

Hexagram 49. Ko




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