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In 1993, I made a mixed medium painting that I titled "The Seen and the Unseen". I strive to go beyond what I have already done, but the emotive power of the tension between these two aspects of perception still provides me with inspiration for new work. Embedding and revealing symbols, floating and implying gesture or movement of marks, using color to create vibrancy of light, dimension in layers and flatness of the surface - I work with these techniques to cause the viewer's attention to shift between the referential and the purely abstract.

The medium of oil and wax on panel or canvas allows me to make textural and color effects that are satisfyingly natural, deep, moving and alive.

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Summer Fields

Winter Fields


Summer Day

Above the Valley -
A Moment in Time

Frozen Lake

On the Way to Malheur
(Two Views of the Mesa)

Summer Solst ice on the 804

Along the 804



Which Way?

Reflections on a Tide Pool

Weather at the Coast

Storm Coming

Afternoon on the McKenzie


Later That Same Afternoon


Nebula I

Daydreaming I


Daydreaming II

Daydreaming III


Daydreaming IV

Daydreaming V


Daydreaming VI

Daydreaming VII


Echoes I


Echoes II


Time out of Mind I



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